Configure Access Point 1/4

and edit.
hostapd default settings need only be confirmed.

Wireless adapters, like other physical devices (e.g. hard drives, mice) used with linux, require a driver to be software accessible.

default interface=wlan0 Select AP mode device
required driver=nl80211Pi builtin (Broadcom BCM43143) wifi adapter

The Wifi network physical layer is similar to Family Radio Service (FRS) walkie-talkies.
The ssid is the wifi call sign.
The access point and clients must use the same hw_mode and channel,
and will gain speed and reliability if by luck (or monitoring) other access points are NOT on the same channel.

required ssid=WIFINAMEunique in local radio space.
required hw_mode=gSelect radio band. (g includes n)
required channel=6Pick randomly (or to avoid other access points)
Typically, 1, 6, or 11