Welcome to the Piedmont League of Mad Scientists

The League of Mad Scientists is a loose federation of professional and amateur researchers, engineers, and technicians who meet periodically to have fun, discuss issues, and help each other with projects.


If you have expertise to share, need technical help, or just have an interest in things techie, then come offer your help, propose a project, or join in the fun.

Next Meeting

As of February 21, 2022, the League of Mad Scientists meets 11a to 1pET on the 2nd Saturday, at Lewisville Library.

2022.03.12 Folding Letters into their own envelope

The topic of the next meeting will be the history of index cards and how to fold a letter into its own envelope. For centuries, before 3-ring binders and gummed envelopes, letters, recipes, and instructions were folded into packets (effectively their own envelope), for mailing and storage.

Current Project

Sock Kite Model Aircraft

The goal is to learn the skills and techniques involved in model aircraft/drone design and manufacture. The first powered heavier than air flight was by Alphonse Penaud. His planeform used coaxial counter rotating propellers powered by rubber band stretched around intervening rod.

The proposal is ducted fan powered lift. A cylindrical wingless aircraft generates lift by drawing air in from above and throwing it out the bottom. Much experimentation remains. Should yaw be stabilized by two counterrotating ducted fans, or by a single ducted fan with vanes to spiral the outflow (or inflow). Should pitch (and roll) be stabilized by center of gravity shift, by gimbaling the lower fan, by external vanes in the outflow (or inflow), by internal vanes that adjust internal pressure distribution, by ...

Raspberry Pi alarm clock.

The goal is to learn the skills and techniques involved in displaying low resolution imagery, and reacting to low rate inputs.
The first incarnation may be a "lighted badge" for a con, or an "invisible maze" puzzle, or ??? What would you like to do with a Raspberry Pi?


Questions and Answers

Advice, comments, questions, opinions, ...


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